People in Globe shouldn't be startled when continuing study ,research or searchs.., may be the cause they having startled were : Terrorism , crisis , climate changes & disasters or else Something happened when an individu lost a person , a fortune or stress which is the fatal disease of the begining of the 20th century or right now in 2016.
2016 ! A new year few days ago ..there are people who born and others dieing or die or died.
We should working for peace , business and to creating a post management.
I don't mean post as a different of Bank but i mean scripture or clearness with some discret or privacy of course.
I mean post management that anyone in his ground as doctrines or ideolgy or independancy..
I mean post Management a way to fulfilling SPOT MANAGEMENT which the latter is a fruit of all human experience in thechné ideologies or differenciezy / diversity...
This is our way reasearchs and the chance of who working carrefully for peace & Business at the same Time .
is it Time of business even there are conflicts in middle-East or some crisis in Arabic Gulf ?.
We should interfere to settling matters between ereas and régions in Globe also we should continue for prosperity and live..Life still continue...isn't it ?
I am prouding about the good agreement between China & U.S. . I wish it will be improved and they continue more & more for real Business. This Below blog is a witness of two great phase ideologies China & U.S. .. But people in general seeking for FREEDOM & Love .